It was a year ago this week when we first posted about Zara’s lack of a mobile optimized web presence:

Zara launches new e-commerce site. Did they forgot about mobile?

We get a lot of visitors to our site based on this post resulting from Google searches for “zara+mobile+site” and other similar terms.   Clearly this suggests that consumers remain frustrated by the lack of Zara’s mobile support.

While we still have no indication that Zara is heeding our advice (see “A Store in Your Pocket: Retailer Mobile Websites Beat Apps Among US Smartphone Owners), we are finally seeing a re-commitment from Zara on the mobile app side.    Last month, Zara re-launched their iOS offerings, with distinct applications for iPhone and  iPad, and now they are launching an Android based application, which will begin with a six month exclusive on Samsung, before becoming more widely available.  The apps do an effective job of both allowing for at home or remote shopping of the Zara catalog, but also at bridging the physical-digital divide and enhancing the in-store experience with the ability to scan product bar codes to view additional product information, as well as order different sizes and colors.