NCORITAThe North Central Ohio Regional Information Technology Alliance (NCORITA) will be holding its third Annual Conference on January 15th, 2015 at the Kehoe Center in Shelby, Ohio. The theme for the conference will be “Mobile Computing”.  The event will feature a main tent speaker, breakout speakers and selected solution providers surrounding the topic of IT Mobility and Mobile Computing.

Pervasive Path’s Brian Stein will be presenting for his second year at the conference and will be discussing “Emerging Trends Impacting the Mobile Experience”.

As mobile continues to “eat the world” it is impacting every aspect of consumer and business behavior.  Understand mobile engagement and the opportunities it is creating and explore new and emerging technologies in mobility including wearable’s, connected vehicles and homes and other devices.  Understand how technologies like GPS, tap-to-pay, beacons, predictive analytics and social media integration are impacting the consumer experience.

We’ll explore at the opportunities these technologies are creating for companies, both in terms of customer engagement and revenue growth, but also in terms of internal process optimization and cost savings.

If you are interested in joining us for the annual conference, you can find more information and register for the event here.