businesswoman hand holding a phone with mobile wallet onlain shopping on the screen in the office

This is the year of mobile payments and Apple Pay is leading the way. Today, there is more technology and even more mobile apps that allow users to pay for products and services in person or online.  But move over mobile payments and make room for the rise of mobile ordering apps. While not entirely new, this latest batch provides a completely branded experience to increase overall customer engagement.

Here’s how Starbucks and Chipotle are succeeding with their fully integrated mobile ordering apps.


Intended for a nationwide roll out by the end of the year, Starbucks’ fully integrated Mobile Order and Pay is already a hit in test markets in the Pacific Northwest. A customer can order and purchase a beverage before they even enter a store.

Plus, customers don’t even need to download a new app because mobile ordering and payment options will be rolled into Starbucks’ existing app that houses their loyalty programs. No need to even learn how to use a new app.


Following the success of Starbucks, Chipotle has recently begun offering mobile delivery through the Postmates application. In select cities, a customer can pay for their purchase online or on mobile and have it delivered. While using a centralized platform like Postmates may be popular and customers are used to using them that may change.

A fully integrated branded solution like Starbucks is testing will be more desirable to marketers hoping to capture and engage customers. As mobile ordering and payment apps increase, so will these types of channels.

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