pizza-mobile-ecommerceRecently, we wrote about the rise of mobile on-demand services. With a push (or tap) of a button, you can have a car pick you up or your groceries delivered to your home. This disruption of the traditional way of purchasing goods and services is rapidly evolving and now, making purchases is even easier and you don’t even need a mobile app. Two new innovations are making it possible to tweet-to-order using an emoji or your voice to place an order paving a new path in e-commerce options for customers.


The Italian fast-food chain is now offering customers the opportunity to tweet their order using the pizza emoji or the hashtag #easyorder. Of course, it does require you first create a profile either online or on your mobile device to ensure that Domino’s delivers in your area and that they receive your correct order. But once that is set up, you should be able to easily satisfy your pizza cravings with this unconventional ordering approach.


The online retailer is continuing to break ground and innovate with their vision to go click-free in their ordering process. As Amazon prepares this strategy and future implementation, the goal is for the customer to order purchases using voice commands creating even less physical interaction with an actual device.

The future is ripe for advances in e-commerce using mobile devices or other alternative technologies. We’ve only just begun to see what’s possible.

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