mobile retail shopping cartMobile is here to stay and it’s drastically impacting how we make purchases. Several of the latest technologies are striving to permanently alter the retail landscape as we currently know it. In the future, we may never randomly walk into a store to make a purchase with paper currency. Instead, it is likely we will have extensively researched the product on our mobile device, and maybe already purchased it, before we even step into a store.

Here are three of the most intriguing disruptions we have recently observed in the mobile retail space.

Beacon Usage in Retail is on The Rise as the Future Marketing Promises Become Reality
Does your mobile strategy for retail include beacons? These blue-tooth enabled sensors are a cost-effective way to connect to mobile phones and tablets.

Is Apple Pay an In-Store Payment Failure?
When Apple Pay debuted last fall, it was touted as the next big thing for mobile in-store payments.

Cross-Channel and Omnichannel Strategies Transforms Retail
Traditional retailers are being forced to adapt to changing customer shopping patterns. Whether you purchase something online and then pick it up in-store or you use your mobile device while shopping.

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