woman-travel-mobileTravel has become easier than ever as mobile technology has begun to enable every step of the travel experience. Nowadays, you can book a trip, check-in and receive rewards all using your smartphone. But aside from customer using mobile to find relevant information, the travel industry is embracing location-based technology to proactively find and customize information specific to travelers’ trip and destination city.  Instead of sending generic messages to travelers in a new city, mobile apps with the assistance of a skillful marketer and some business intelligence, can now send personal recommendations of nearby activities or accommodations. This personalized content can not only drive more purchases, but overall customer engagement and loyalty.

Here are some examples of how the travel industry has successfully employed mobile to personalize the user experience:

Mobile Promotions to Launch in Hotels
Wyndham Hotels’ new mobile rewards and loyalty programs plus recently launched Wyzard marketing campaign all aim to increase customer engagement.

Travel and Transportation Industries Go Mobile
Airlines, like United, are using their individual passenger data to seamlessly combine ticket buying, delay notices and mobile rewards into one app, while trains and buses are experimenting with mobile ticketing.

How Hotel Mobile Rewards Programs are Driving Commerce
Wyndham Hotels and Marriott upgraded their mobile platforms and rewards programs to drive sales and engage their customers.

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