woman-mobile-customer-engagementAlthough most brands have a mobile app, most of them lack a cohesive user experience which results in lower overall customer engagement. We wrote about how important strategy is when developing an app to ensure you are meeting your users needs and creating sustainable engagement. So why are more large brands receiving poor ratings from customers who have downloaded their app?

A key component to this is user experience (UX). Think of user experience as the invisible structure around your app that connects your overall branding and business goals while assisting  customers to navigate it.  This is significant because it helps determines whether a customer continues to use your app or lets it sit dormant as an icon on their mobile home screen. With 95% of apps being abandoned after only one or two uses, it’s important that before you develop an app, you ask yourself what is the need  your brand’s app is trying to fulfill. Here are some strategic reasons you might want to consider:

Increase sales
Mobile is shaping the future of retail. As a rising percentage of e-commerce transactions are conducted over mobile, are you prepared to sell to your customers at their point of decision?

Build loyalty
Loyalty programs have evolved from plastic cards that get lost to fully integrated mobile apps that keep track of customer rewards and allow them to more easily use them. If you have a brand, then you should work to build customer loyalty.

Become Interconnected
The Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay and it will continue to affect where and how your customers use your app and how data is accessed. You might not even need an app in the future as click-free options become more widespread.

Is your app receiving poor ratings? Let us help you improve the user experience and customer engagement of your mobile app.