purposeful-mobile-interactionIn many ways mobile can make us more human, if we use it in a mindful way. When we are using our smartphone, tablet or even Apple Watch, we are often simply going through the motions, swiping, tapping and scrolling as if on auto-pilot. It is very easy to disengage when we use such technology.

But mobile has the possibility to make us more human and connected if we allow it, and that’s the key. It is more about how we interact with one another while using mobile and our intention that will provide a more purposeful experience.

So what are some ways developers and marketers can conceptualize and design mobile technology and apps to create a more human-centered approach?

We have created a three-step process based on our experience:

1. Design – Start with a people-first approach. This means realizing that the technology is connective and that people are now literally connected to (multiple) devices, each with their own screen and interaction model(s).  After that, technology should be user-centric. This means designing for the person as they fit in this multi-screen, multi-device world.

2. Use – Investigate how people will use the technology. As we use our mobile devices to communicate more to text and message and less to make actual calls, changes will need to be made. We are already seeing the exponential rise of visual communication and the use of emojis to express our emotions. Question and implement what comes next and how best will humans communicate those feelings and emotions to one another while using their devices.

3. Marketing – At this stage, be conscious of marketing to the whole self. This includes not only the physical self operating the device and the emotional self interacting with it, but also when combined, the digital self. This means creating in-store promotions that are displayed via push-notifications when a customer walks into a physical store. This holistic effect will likely have a better a ROI than if just the emotional self is taken into consideration when developing a marketing strategy.

Let Pervasive Path lead you through an Art of the Possible Workshop to explore how to incorporate these and other concepts into your enterprise mobile strategy.