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3 Major Retailers Improve Their Omnichannel Experience

For brands to succeed in today’s mobile-friendly shopping environment they must first spend considerable time crafting and executing their online/in-store strategy. With more consumers researching products beforehand, this strategy needs to provide a seamless experience for the buyer from mobile to store. While many retailers are succeeding at this, some are not. Most notably, big [...]

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The Future of Wearables: Touchscreens and Screenless

As wearables increase in popularity, the technology that supports them will need to innovate. We’ve seen wearable goggles, watches and even hearables. The main complaint of users still lies in the screen. Since mobile has been an established computing standard, devotion to the screen has remained the standard interaction method. But is there a better solution to [...]

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Has Mobile Shopping Replaced the Need for Black Friday?

The days may be numbered when customers wait in line or crowd into a traditional retail space on Black Friday in order to get the best deal on holiday purchases. Despite optimism, traditional in-store retail may soon be a thing of the past as customers prefer purchasing online, more specifically using mobile devices. Clearly retail [...]

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Healthcare Goes High Tech: From Digital Prescriptions to Apps That Heal

Mobile technology has been embraced by pharmacies and doctors to allow patients to better monitor their own health. While not new - remote machine to machine (M2M) devices were the earliest uses in the Internet of Things (IoT) - this new wave of technology is being driven by patient needs. According to Brian Tilzer, chief digital [...]

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How to Make User Experience Design Work for Mobile

User experience (UX) encompasses all the ways in which a user interacts with your mobile app, whether it’s the instructions for use or the path the user takes to complete a transaction. We’ve written before about how integral UX is to customer engagement but what about conversion? It’s integral to ensure that engagement and loyalty [...]

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Kent State University welcomes back Pervasive’s Brian Stein to teach Digital Strategy course

Pervasive's Managing Director, Brian Stein will be teaching a senior/graduate level course on Mobile and Digital Strategy.  This will be the fourth year that Brian has served as an Adjunct Professor at the School of Digital Sciences. The course description for this year is as follows: Digital Strategy: Embracing Emerging Technologies This class will explore [...]

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A Mobile Website That Acts Like An App

While apps have been made popular by Apple, Google is trying to change all that by creating a mobile website that replicates the functionality of an app. Many users have pages of downloaded apps on their smartphones but may actually only open a handful on a regular basis. Companies are finding that in-app use is [...]

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The Future Looks Bright for Digital in 2016

While the last year provided many digital advances to marketing and customer engagement, the upcoming year will likely expand on those for even more growth. In 2015, we witnessed the continued rise of beacons, mobile payments, the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables among others that shaped the way we buy and communicate with one [...]

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Is Your Mobile Marketing Strategy Ready for the Holiday Season?

With only a limited amount of time to capture shoppers’ attention, retail is looking to mobile to cash in this holiday season. Fewer number of key shopping days means that retailers must be strategic in spreading their message across all their channels and appropriately engaging customers. This year could be the year that mobile marketing [...]

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In-Store use of Wi-Fi Offers Advantages Over Beacons with Lower Costs

Beacons, once a tech favorite, are now being overshadowed emerging technologies like magnetic positioning and even Wi-Fi. We’ve praised beacons in the past while acknowledging their limitations and even their possible competition. Wi-Fi, while by no means new technology, simply may have more capabilities than beacons or magnetic positioning. According to Patrick Connolly, principal analyst [...]

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