Mobile Consulting Services

Pervasive Path helps companies craft and execute on their strategy to make the most of their mobile opportunities across the organization. Pervasive has helped clients envision, plan for, implement and launch mobile solutions for retail and e-commerce, field service and sales team enablement, customer account access and self-service, and supply chain optimization.

Mobile Strategy & Roadmap

Mobile Strategy & Roadmap

We identify the best use of mobile and how it strategically fits into your broader digital and organizational approach, objectives and capabilities.

Our results-based engagements range from a few days to a several weeks depending on the size and needs of your organization.

Mobile Strategy Workshops

Explore “Art of the Possible” for the organization and build awareness and insights for the mobile opportunity in your industry and/or enterprise. Identify potential solutions to pursue and create a call to action that works.

A mobile strategy workshop is a great way to get your organization started on their mobile journey, or to take a step back from an already struggling effort.

Identify & Prioritize

A successful strategy starts with identifying and prioritizing the needs of your organization. Pervasive does this by focusing not only on specific mobile applications but the implications of mobility throughout the organization.

Look Across the Organization’s Broader Strategy

We look at the entire picture when crafting a unique plan for your mobile solution. Going beyond the narrow focus of designing a mobile app, we incorporate the requirements, design, architecture, organizational readiness and marketing for an enterprise approach guaranteed to provide a return on your investment.

Define Success

What are your goals? Pervasive works with you to determine what success looks like for your organization and guides you along to achieving those goals.

Solution Architecture & Implementation

We work with your organization to build, deliver, and support mobile solutions, based on your custom mobile roadmap, as well as the existing environment and capabilities.

The right solution for your mobile solution starts with exceptional architecture. We help you select the optimum platform and tools then provide an integration approach, implementation and support models to achieve efficiency.

Platform & Tools

Native development, HTML5 or mobile application platform? Our extensive experience with all of these and more makes us the right choice to assist you. Each platform is unique and the tools required will determine how you build it, the user experience and most importantly the delivery costs to keep you within your budget.

Integration Approach

Often designing for mobile is about providing web services to yet another channel. At Pervasive, we take a holistic approach to create integration across all of your platforms to ensure consistency. Mobile is distinctive in the way data and services are managed and we take care in assessing all of these for complete integration.

Implementation & Support Models

Based on the roadmap we create for you, we determine who should build your mobile solutions. Should you leverage internal resources or seek outside assistance? We advise you on the best decision, whether you stay in-house, use external vendors or hire us to complete your project. Whichever one we conclude is based on your specific needs and goals.

Enterprise Readiness & Governance

We prepare your organization to manage multiple mobile initiatives across the enterprise and support those solutions to provide a superior mobile experience.

Are you ready to roll out an enterprise mobile solution? If not, Pervasive will guide you through this often cumbersome process to ensure your organization is adequately prepared and that the overall initiative is a success

Align Business Objectives

By starting with your current business objectives and goals, we position them alongside your existing processes to make certain they are aligned. We then integrate our solution with your established IT framework assessing risk and legal reviews to allow for proper governance, implementation and adoption.

Develop an Organizational Competency

Once everything is aligned for your roll out, we work to develop proficiency within your organization to design and develop the mobile solution.

Prepare to Support Mobile

How will your organization ensure the support of the mobile solution? We help you align all the resources necessary to do this, including support and help desk and BYOD, Device Depot, if necessary.

Create Marketing Awareness

Marketing the solution both internally and externally is the final step. We assist you to create awareness and incentives to make certain your organization has accomplished its goals and promoted them effectively for the greatest impact.

User Experience & Adoption

We align marketing and customer support strategies to drive adoption and engagement around a cohesive user experience (UX) for an optimal return on your investment.

User experience is the invisible framework that guides your customer as they navigate your mobile solution or app. Successful adoption requires a carefully planned user experience. We work with your organization to identify the tactics that will best reach your customer to create long-lasting engagement.

Design an Efficient Interface

Too many clicks can lead a user to immediately exit your app or ultimately delete it. By developing a strategy that is based in sound UX with an efficient interface guarantees that your customer not only adopts your app but is engaged with it. Pervasive gives you the feedback to achieve this.

Leverage Data

We advise you how to leverage your customer data to create a dynamic user experience. Often an untapped resource by organizations, data gives you customer insights to personalize your app and create lasting engagement.

Embrace Device Sensors

Providing an experience that is specific to each customer is integral. Pervasive helps you better understand how this is relevant and necessary to your mobile solution’s adoption. Customers are looking for an experience that is meaningful, helpful and useful and we help you achieve this level of adoption by exploring all of your options, including device sensors and beacons.

Consistent with Brand Standards

Your mobile solution should be fully integrated within your brand. This means ensuring it is standardized among all your digital channels to offer the same user experience. We educate you how to effectively incorporate an omni-channel experience to offer customers a seamless interaction no matter what device they are using.

Find out how we can help your organization make the most of mobile.

Pervasive has helped clients envision, plan for, implement and launch mobile solutions for retail and e-commerce, field service and sales team enablement, customer account access and self-service, and supply chain optimization.