The Mobile Opportunity

Why digital?

Digital represents transformative technologies and making the most of it means more than creating a mobile friendly version of your website, or application.

Pervasive helps companies leverage digital to extend and transform their businesses and the way they interact. Digital enables a new way of engaging which combines immediacy and a contextual understanding of the user and their environment.

Customer & Channel Partner Engagement

As consumers and partners become more educated about digital, they have become more willing to engage, and have also come to expect certain features and services. The following are just a few ways that Pervasive has seen utilized to engage customers, in order to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction:

  • Provide access to marketing materials and product information via web and mobile optimized site(s)
  • Engage customers via gamification and/or tie-ins to social networking sites
  • Allow customers to purchase products online and from the mobile channel
  • Identify and engage customers when they arrive at your location
  • Provide customers with a richer experience based on an understanding of their past behavior and preferences
  • Transact with customers via mobile payments and digital loyalty programs
  • Allow customers to transact via their channel of choice, with a consistent, seamless experience
  • Enable customer access to account information and allow them to transact with systems
  • Provide order status and other timely updates
  • Provide digital copies of paperwork such as membership cards
  • Provide customer self service, moving customer support to the lowest cost channels while increasing customer flexibility

Process Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Digital provides an opportunity not only to enable access to back office systems, but to enhance those transactions by leveraging the immediacy of digital channels and additional capabilities (i.e. GPS, camera, accelerometer, etc). Pervasive has helped our clients save hundreds of millions of dollars by using digital to drive efficiencies like these:

  • Manage workflows, automate data collection and leverage GPS and cameras to improve monitoring/auditing
  • Provide real time access to CRM systems, catalogs and pricing information
  • Allow sales team to create real time pricing models and other simulations based on information provided during customer meetings
  • Provide shop floor access to ERP systems
  • Enable supply chain partners with real time inventory levels for both WIP and finished goods
  • Engage customers in the data collection process (e.g. Claims submission)

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