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Beacons and Browsers: The Future of Mobile Marketing?

Mobile coupon campaigns have been an effective marketing tool as more and more consumers are redeeming mobile coupons. The targeted delivery of mobile coupons, driven by proximity to beacons, can improve the relevancy of the coupon offer and drive increased redemption rates. As beacon use becomes more widespread,  Juniper’s research predicts that beacon-powered coupons will rise to [...]

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How to Make Beacons More User-Friendly

Beacons are facing an uncertain future, as neither retailers nor customers have warmed to them. We’ve documented the challenges that beacons have faced and the competition that could replace them. But despite a mixed past, beacons could have a bright future with an estimation that 4.5 million beacons could be in usage by 2018. So [...]

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Using Beacons and Contextual Marketing to Increase In-Store Shopping

Retail’s use of beacons is nothing new. But what is new is combining beacon technology with contextual marketing to get people back into retail stores and making purchases. With over 80% of consumers making purchasing decisions in-store, and often in aisle, developing a contextual marketing program along with beacon technology is the smart way to [...]

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