Pervasive is pleased to announce that we were asked to share our thoughts with the members of the Mobile Leaders Alliance (MLA), and that our Managing Director Brian Stein, is now a contributing author. Our recent blog post on the Rise of On-Demand Services was our first shared post, and we look forward to contributing our perspective on a regular basis.

The Mobile Leaders Alliance was founded in 2011 to serve as a cross-platform resource for media, marketing and technology professionals to continue their educations in mobile and receive career assistance that goes beyond just a job board. In an effort to bridge the widening gap between innovation and education, the MLA provides a forum for like-minded professionals to come together and exchange industry knowledge in an open setting.

In addition to building an active and supportive community, the MLA is a growing source for original and curated content on all things mobile and also has a calendar to help you track all of the upcoming mobile conferences.

Check out Brian’s MLA Profile Page for his latest posts, or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed on our latest thinking.