mobile apps

Developing a solution that goes unused is no solution at all. To be successful in any mobile initiative you need to drive user adoption and engagement and that requires planning on how to court those users. As apps continue to represent the future of mobile, at least for now, it’s necessary to focus on how to grow usage.

Along with the app-centric view of the world, came another difference from desktop software, namely the app store. In the past, desktop software was created by a large company and then distributed through retail, reseller and OEM channels. It was much more difficult for smaller firms to get in the door. The app store has in effect, democratized that process and created a level playing field. However, having your app in the app store doesn’t guarantee success and that’s where it is important to involve skilled marketers come in.

Knowing who your audience is, how to target them and also how to keep them engaged is key. To begin, here are a few key tactics to pursue.

Identify your Target Users. One of the easiest ways to ensure your app gets the right users to download it starts with your user acquisition strategy and knowing who you want those users to be. Begin by looking at the broad demographic of who you’d like to reach to download your app. From there, start to hone in until you reach your ideal user profile.

Market to Your Users. After you determine your ideal app user, it’s necessary to target them, whether through ads on mobile, social outreach or even online through search. Targeting your user allows you to cast a narrow net so that you capture your ideal user rather than spend money reeling in the wrong audience who will likely tune out your message.

Keep Your Users. Once you have the user, one of the easiest ways to keep them is to make a good first impression. An easy way to stand out from other similar apps is to make the download process effortless and the UX superior when they open the app. You might even want to offer an incentive to keep coming back, for example, if it’s a retail app, give them a coupon or a game app, offer them free plays.

Maintain Engagement. Engagement with your user should not end at the point of download. Update your app regularly and consider offering more incentives to users to keep them loyal. A mobile loyalty program is also a good way to keep users engaged and committed to your app. If you want your app to remain installed on your users’ devices, and moreover have them spend time in the app, you have to make sure you add value to every interaction.

Properly designing your app to be engaging, and marketing those features is a key component to any mobile strategy. Contact us to learn how we can help your organization identify the tactics that will best reach your customer to create long-lasting engagement.