Mobile Monday Cleveland

Mobile Monday Cleveland is hosting their third Mobile Monday Tech Lab. Next Monday night, May 11th, where Pervasive is partnering with the Software Craftsmanship Guild to continue to provide free training in mobile app development.  For this last session, we’ll be learning how to integrate with web services and will develop an application which interfaces with Twitter’s news feed. Even if you haven’t attended the previous Tech Labs, or have never coded, you are welcome to join us for this great learning experience.

SCGuildThe Mobile Monday Tech Labs are designed to engage mobile developers in our community and connect them with the business leaders who are driving mobile initiatives. This exciting event will be led by instructors from The Software Craftsmanship Guild in Akron, an accredited, accelerated learning center that helps people who are passionate about technology quickly and effectively gain the necessary skills to contribute to development teams.  This is a jam packed instructional course taught by a master teacher, and it’s absolutely free to members of the Mobile Monday Cleveland community.

The Tech Labs are a progressive skills series, but please feel free to attend any/all of the sessions that are of interest to you.

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Also, mark your calendar as the schedule for the Tech Labs, and remaining Mobile Monday events for the year are included below.

Date Event
5/11/2015 Tech Lab 4
6/15/2015 Speaker Series & Networking Event
7/13/2015 Summer  Party