revbaseWe are pleased to share a press release from Longwood Software, a leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for marketing and sales teams in manufacturing, technology, and business services. Pervasive worked with Longwood’s RevBase® marketing asset management system to provide mobile access to our client’s marketing library and allow sales associates to interact with and update date about customer visits while working in the field, often in a disconnected state.

The press release highlights our usage of RevBase’s new OData connector and how we leveraged their web service architecture to provide these capabilities.

Pervasive Path (, a mobile strategy consulting firm, was engaged by a consumer products company to create a mobile application that uses the RevBase OData implementation to provide sales staff with access to the company’s marketing collateral on their tablets.

Darren Powell, Pervasive Path Director, commented, “OData enables easy data exchange, which is why it was ideal for creating the interface to our customer’s RevBase system. Now, the company’s sales reps get instant, on-demand access to all of the company’s marketing materials, including product videos, sales catalogs, and seasonal offerings in digital format. Previously, field reps needed to download and print copies of sales materials from laptops to show customers, which was time-consuming. The new mobile connection to these materials makes this unnecessary.”

Going from print to digital has enabled this company’s reps to create collections of marketing items on the spot to show customers, make notes on what has been presented at meetings, and send it all back on their tablet devices to RevBase to be stored for future reference.

The complete press release can be found here.  Interested in learning how Pervasive can help your company extend your existing assets to the mobile channel, or how you too can empower your sales people in the field?  Contact us to learn more.