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Retail is Finally Embracing Digital

After a dismal holiday shopping season, major retailers are looking to digital to revive lagging sales. Retailers are now recognizing what a large paradigm shift technology has had on shopping with many large brands now adapting their strategies both online and in-store to fully integrate digital. According to Gary Lee, InReality's president and CEO: Shoppers’ [...]

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How to Make Beacons More User-Friendly

Beacons are facing an uncertain future, as neither retailers nor customers have warmed to them. We’ve documented the challenges that beacons have faced and the competition that could replace them. But despite a mixed past, beacons could have a bright future with an estimation that 4.5 million beacons could be in usage by 2018. So [...]

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Internet of Things Drives a New Retail Model and New Metrics

As the Internet of Things (IoT) moves from tech buzzword to reality, consumers now have another opportunity to get up close and personal with the latest IoT devices. We recently commented on who would be making money from IoT and even mentioned how retailers like Target and Sears had opened up device showrooms in Silicon [...]

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