As part of our continuing series on going beyond the glass, we continue to look at different ways that mobile technology can improve interactions and engagement beyond the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

Today, Google provided an exciting preview of their work with project Glass.    This “How it Feels” preview video shows what Google Glass will be like from the user’s perspective.

By extending and complimenting the user’s field of vision, Google Glass is able to augment every day experiences with contextually relevant content.

As enterprises develop their mobile strategy and design mobile solutions, it is important to understand the future trends and the impact they will have on customer engagement.   Technologies like Google Glass and other pervasive systems are further enablers of this disruptive change and require changes from  adapting policies to embrace showrooming, to designing middleware to support an omni-channel environment.

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Update: Mashable has provided  a gallery with some screen mock-ups that further demonstrate the experience and how it can be used in daily interactions.