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Beacons and Browsers: The Future of Mobile Marketing?

Mobile coupon campaigns have been an effective marketing tool as more and more consumers are redeeming mobile coupons. The targeted delivery of mobile coupons, driven by proximity to beacons, can improve the relevancy of the coupon offer and drive increased redemption rates. As beacon use becomes more widespread,  Juniper’s research predicts that beacon-powered coupons will rise to [...]

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How to Attract and Grow User Engagement for Your Mobile Apps

Developing a solution that goes unused is no solution at all. To be successful in any mobile initiative you need to drive user adoption and engagement and that requires planning on how to court those users. As apps continue to represent the future of mobile, at least for now, it's necessary to focus on how to grow usage. [...]

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Wearables Expand Their Usefulness Beyond Watches and Glasses

Wearables are evolving. What started as the latest fad in the tech market is now evolving into a serious product category and has the potential to revolutionize the way we engage with technology.  Wearables are transitioning from gimmicky to go-to gadgets.  As these devices become standalone offerings, they are shed their dependency on a nearby phone [...]

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Amazon Echo Gives You Access to Music, Pizza and More

With a simple voice command, Amazon Echo has revolutionized how we listen to music, get driving directions and order food. Launched last summer, Amazon Echo is a voice command device housed in a wireless speaker. It was the second of Amazon’s hardware devices coming to market after the success of the company’s e-reader, Kindle. Amazon [...]

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Why Are Tablet Sales on the Decline?

While the touchscreen gave birth to the smartphone, the smartphone spawned the tablet. And now, in a reversal of fate, the smartphone may now be killing the tablet. Tablet sales were down just over 10% last year from the year before, a significant decrease for a technology that was anticipated to replace paper. When the first [...]

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Technology Now Brings You Closer to Entertainment

Attending a sporting event or listening to music by your favorite artist is no longer a passive activity thanks to technology. Today, entertainment is more interactive than ever. Mobile devices and smartphones have made fan engagement a crucial aspect of building an audience, whether it’s for a sport’s team or musician. With location-based tools, beacon-enabled [...]

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Marketers Leverage Mobile Coupons to Increase Purchases

Savvy marketers know that a mobile coupon is worth nothing unless it’s offered in a larger marketing context. Mobile coupons are on the rise. In 2015, they were up by 18% and steadily rising this year. And marketers are learning to use them as part of their overall marketing plan supported by metrics. Convenience stores [...]

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New Features and Functions for Mobile Payments

Following a breakthrough year and an increased adoption rate, mobile payment systems prepare for an even better year ahead. Since Apple Pay launched, others have jumped into the race to be the leader in mobile payments, including Android Pay, Samsung Pay and even Chase and Walmart with their own branded pay offerings. This market saturation [...]

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Supporting the Evolution of the Touch Interface

The rise of the smartphone also ushered in the era of the capacitive touchscreen, and as smartphones and other mobile devices have evolved, so has the touchscreen and the way we interact with them. This evolution of the user interface and the supported interaction models, is both a function of the innovation driven by the [...]

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Retail Marketers are Concerned Mobile-Centric Millennials are Buying Less Stuff

Mobile is the preferred channel of the millennial generation, but so far, retail marketers have failed to capture them there. This, along with a preference by millennials to spend more on experiences and less on stuff, is a concern for retail. Retail marketing has been slow in keeping up with technology and moving from desktop [...]

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