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How Mobile Will Continue to Shape Your Hospitality Experience

Mobile is not new to the hospitality experience. In the past, we have seen it used in hotels to track rewards and loyalty points as well as assist in check-ins. Similarly, in restaurants, mobile has also been used to track loyalty and used as both a reservation and payment systems. But in the coming year, [...]

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The Questionable Future of Windows Phone

Despite near universal acceptance that the mobile channel is the way of the future, Microsoft, a company who has succeeded in both consumer and enterprise software seems unlikely to recover in their efforts to grow their Windows Phone platform. Microsoft has been a worldwide leader in software, and have even successfully branched out to hardware [...]

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How to Make Beacons More User-Friendly

Beacons are facing an uncertain future, as neither retailers nor customers have warmed to them. We’ve documented the challenges that beacons have faced and the competition that could replace them. But despite a mixed past, beacons could have a bright future with an estimation that 4.5 million beacons could be in usage by 2018. So [...]

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Pervasive partners with Longwood Software to deliver Mobile Marketing Library

We are pleased to share a press release from Longwood Software, a leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for marketing and sales teams in manufacturing, technology, and business services. Pervasive worked with Longwood’s RevBase® marketing asset management system to provide mobile access to our client’s marketing library and allow sales associates to interact with and [...]

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How to Effectively Market to the Mobile Customer

Mobile has become a way of life. We expect that with a simple tap or swipe we will receive the answers we are looking for. This is no different from how we expect to engage with retailers. With more people than ever using a mobile device on a daily basis, it should not be a surprise that [...]

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Giving Customers a Virtual In-Store Shopping Experience

Shopping is a highly personalized, and an increasingly high tech experience. However for many retailers, the link between in-store shopping and online shopping remains weak. The struggle is to balance a holistic, integrated experience against a channel and contextually appropriate experience. As consumers, we shop to be around other people and to make purchases we don’t [...]

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Internet of Things Drives a New Retail Model and New Metrics

As the Internet of Things (IoT) moves from tech buzzword to reality, consumers now have another opportunity to get up close and personal with the latest IoT devices. We recently commented on who would be making money from IoT and even mentioned how retailers like Target and Sears had opened up device showrooms in Silicon [...]

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Mobile Payments: A Breakthrough Year with Growth Expected to Continue

Mobile payments not just grew last year, but exceeded all expectations with an adoption rate that tripled. Earlier this year, we were questioning whether Apple Pay, one of the pioneers in mobile payments, was a failure. But according to a recent report from Deloitte, the number of people using a smartphone to make an in-store [...]

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Join Mobile Monday Cleveland for our Holiday Party on 12/14

Pervasive is pleased to invite you to take a break from the pre-holiday craziness to raise a glass and celebrate the holidays with your colleagues in the mobile community. This Monday, December 14th, from 6:30 - 8:30pm, Mobile Monday Cleveland will be gathering at the Barley House on W.6th for our Mobile Monday Holiday Party. Our holiday [...]

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Using Beacons and Contextual Marketing to Increase In-Store Shopping

Retail’s use of beacons is nothing new. But what is new is combining beacon technology with contextual marketing to get people back into retail stores and making purchases. With over 80% of consumers making purchasing decisions in-store, and often in aisle, developing a contextual marketing program along with beacon technology is the smart way to [...]

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