Situation: Like many consumer product companies,  our recognized the importance of the emerging mobile market, but was uncertain as to how to approach mobile as an organization.  Business units had individually reacted to market needs by launching specific mobile activities, creating brand and technology silos.

Response:  Our team initiated an effort that combined existing research and data collected by the client with our mobile insight and industry best practices to produce a company and product strategy position and recommendations.

Value: The outcome of the product strategy engagement produced strategic plan around mobile with several tactical (quick wins) for the mobile channel.  One of the biggest impacts of the engagement was to help the client recognize the segmented (silo) brands reflected in the physical market did not transcend to mobile.  As such the organization had an opportunity to leap-frog its competitors with a unique mobile value proposition.  Other components of the engagement included mobile marketing and technology recommendations to streamline, scale and enhance the mobile channel.

In addition, the team uncovered an opportunity to help the organization bridge the physical and digital worlds of the company.  With thousand of retail sales channels,  they could not advertise their online capabilities (mobile or Web) for fear of retribution by their  3rd party retailers who would view efforts to drive traffic/purchase online and outside of the store as  a loss of revenue.  Our team found a novel way to utilize QR Codes and geographic data to create a physical/digital experience that provided a rich customer experience and revenue sharing mechanism for the retailer.  The win-win solution also provides other tangible benefits to our client with reduced inventory requirements and the associated logistics costs of transporting and facing the product.