israelelectionsWhat do the recent Israeli elections and mobile marketing have in common?

Engagement. Now more than ever customer engagement matters and also leads to better ROI.

At the start of the mobile revolution putting out an app, and as fast as possible, was the goal. With more apps than we can use, companies must become strategic in their vision before creating an app understanding how to engage customers.

Finding not only a way to reach your audience, but also how to engage them should be the goal of a mobile strategy.

To create a strategy that includes a great customer experience and is profitable several considerations need to be made.

  1. The strategy in itself needs to be comprehensive.
  2. Your app must provide value to your customers while providing ROI.
  3. Your app strategy cannot must connect to your overall business strategy.

Once you have studied your audience and understand their motivations, you must put that information to use to by finding a way to reach them. Targeting your audience should encompass different tactics.

An example of a successful multi-faceted approach was the recent Israeli elections. Here are the tactics they employed to win the election:

  • Location-based to determine where to allocate ads
  • Gamification to make the process fun and engaging
  • Video to turn citizens into activists

Getting ROI from your mobile marketing campaign or app is as easy as coming up with a compelling strategy and then finding the ways to reach your audience and keep them engaged.

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